Room Scheduling

To schedule a conference room use the website

Make sure you specify exactly and accurately what the reservation is for (for example, CNS Safety Training or “Prof. Last Name” Group Meeting).  Your request will not be approved without accurate information.

 LISE rooms are available to LISE tenant faculty, students and staff as a priority.  Do not book rooms on behalf of others.  Requests from non-tenants will be considered on case-by-case basis for weekly assignment (approval only). Section, course, and office hour requests will not be approved.

 Please note that rooms are not generally available during University holidays, recesses or final exam times.  During finals, bookings in room 303 may be discontinued in case the Registrar needs the room for exams.  Please remember that even if you have traditionally used a room at a set day/time, the schedule begins again each term, because our regular courses need to be accommodated first.  Academic courses may bump your reservation in room 303 at the beginning of the semester so please make sure that your reservation is still on the calendar, especially within the first two weeks of the semester.

Meeting Rooms: Use

After your event, please make sure you leave the room in good condition for the next group.  If you bring anything into the room (food, beverages, catering supplies, papers, extra tables, folding chairs, etc.), you must remove them from the room at the end of your meeting. If you serve food at your event, please wipe down the tables. Please wipe the chalkboard down as needed. And while you are welcome to move the tables and chairs around to suit your group, please return them to their original positions at the end of your event.