Lab Safety

Emergency Action Plan

In the event of a building alarm, evacuate through the nearest exit and proceed to the building Evacuation Assembly Area. Check in with your Supervisor or site contact to be accounted for. For LISE, the evacuation area outside is in front of Pierce Hall.

Toxic Gas Alarms

Amber Alarm: Leave immediate area and proceed to LISE lobby. Call 5-5560 to report alarm.
Blue Alarm: Leave building by nearest exit and report to the outside meeting location in front of Pierce Hall (building to the right of LISE as you face LISE from Oxford Street).

Hazardous Materials & Waste

The CNS Clean Room

The clean room uses a number of hazardous materials including corrosives (acid & bases), solvents, oxidizers, and toxic and flammable gases. These hazardous substances pose both physical and chemical hazards to personnel.

Specific training is required to enter the clean room. You must see CNS administrator for details (phone 617-384-7411 room 306).

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's)

Follow directions for proper use, storage, handling, etc. as directed on the container label and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). MSDS's are available for all hazardous substances onsite as part of Harvard University's Chemical Hygiene program. MSDS's for just the CNS locations (clean room and surrounding ground floor labs and the imaging suites and prep lab) can be found on the CNS website under the Safety section under the MSDS library. Hard copies of the CNS MSDS's are also located in the Fire Command Center in the front lobby of LISE. EHS Officer may be contacted for copies or any questions related to MSDS's at 495-1290. Non-CNS MSDS's can be found on the Harvard's EHS website

Chemical Hygiene Plan

EHS Procedures and training tools can be found on the CNS website under the Safety Section.

Emergency Response

In the event of a release or a potential release of hazardous materials, immediately evacuate the area and dial 5-5560 from any telephone. Report the details of the incident clearly. Only trained and authorized personnel shall perform spill response/clean-up activities.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

A LISE emergency response team has been established and is available 24/7 to provide immediate response to hazardous materials releases. Dial 617-49 5-5560 to activate the ERT. Certain members of the CNS staff are on the ERT.

Glove Policy in Common Areas

Gloves should never touch door handles, elevator buttons, telephones, card swipes, or any surfaces outside of the laboratory. Wearing gloves outside of the laboratory is not advised. When transporting chemicals use carts, bottle carriers, or secondary containment trays.

One Glove Rule: If you transport materials from the lab through common areas, use an ungloved hand to touch common surfaces and a gloved hand to carry the items. Best lab safety practice is to package the material to allow handling the outer package without gloves and to contain the material if it were dropped.

Toxic gas piping labels

As part of the LISE/CNS Chemical Hygiene program, piping systems conveying hazardous substances utilize a color-coding system as follows:
Piping carrying Toxic/Corrosive gases: Yellow label with black letters
Piping carrying pyrophoric & flammable gases: Red label with white letters
Piping carrying inert gases: green with white letters

Hot Work Permit

Prior to cutting, welding, or other hot work during maintenance or construction activities, a Hot Work Permit must first be obtained from the Facilities Department. Will you be shutting down electrical power or any other power today to perform your work?

Smoking Restrictions

Smoking is prohibited inside and outside of all buildings.

Injury and Illness Prevention

Harvard University is committed to providing a workplace that is safe for all personnel. To support that commitment, we maintain an Injury & Illness Prevention Program that includes recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazards. Report all injuries to your supervisor and to the LISE EHS officer 495-1290.

Accident / Injury Reporting

Receiving prompt medical attention is the top priority. For routine medical situations, obtain first-aid supplies from available on site first-aid kits located in main hallways. If medical treatment is necessary, use the off-site medical clinic for serious or life threatening situations call 911.

Other Emergency Numbers

Poison Control Center (800) 876-4766

Designated Local Emergency Medical Facilities
Nearest Hospital (Life-threatening/after hours):

Mount Auburn Hospital
330 Mount Auburn St # 3, Cambridge, MA
(617) 499-5166
Open 24-hours

Medical Clinic (non-life threatening/regular business hours)

University Health Services
75 Mt. Auburn Street Cambridge
Mon-Fri 8:00am-8:00pm
Sat & Sun 9:00am-5:00pm